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Nocturne Blue was an art rock band led by Emmy-winning singer/songwriter Dutch Rall that incorporated elements of downtempo, dreampop, and post-rock. And German-leaning electronica. And a little shoegazy goth distortion. And Red Panda pedal randomization.

The group began as a long distance, lo-fi recording project via Los Angeles and Berlin between Dutch and U8 Touch guitarist / composer Markus Reuter, but eventually developed into a fully formed band with the occasional live show utilizing Rall's video art projections.

Many amazing musicians contributed to Nocturne Blue's music including the incomparable Tony Levin, Julie Slick, Trey Gunn, Mark Cook, Troy Jones, Marco Machera, Markus Reuter, Adrian Voorhies, Bill Bachman, Pat Mastelotto, and etheral shoegaze princess Kaitlyn ni Donovan.

"... drawing on goth, shoegaze and ambient rock...this gauzy, noirish flavor is the band’s stock in trade..." 

"...gorgeous, ghostly and sublime!" 

"...a pinch of Summer-and-Moroder disco trance, as well as a dash of Bowie’s Berlin" and a "‘70s nod to psychedelic German sequencing, or to Pink Floyd's "On The Run'."

"...looks like massive attack has eaten the jesus and mary chain..."